Kroger Community Rewards

Re-enroll for Kroger Rewards by April 30th

Shopping at your local Kroger store and raising money for the animals at the League for Animal Welfare is easy way of giving!  The Kroger Community Rewards program is proud to be a part of our fundraising efforts, in fact Kroger wants the League for Animal Welfare to grow our number KROGERof supporters. In order for this number to grow, we need our supporters who shop at Kroger to register their Kroger Plus Card online and as soon as possible. (The enrollment process will need to be renewed on an annual basis.)

 Register today, shop today and support the League for Animal Welfare!

 If you do not have a Kroger Plus Card and want one, stop by the Customer Service Desk at any Kroger store and pick one up.


Enrolling is easy, only takes a few minutes! To register, have your Kroger Plus Card handy and visit (Lost your card or prefer to use your phone number at the register? Then call 800.576.4377, select Option 4 to get your Kroger Plus card number.) Once someone within a household registers, all linked Kroger Plus cards within that family earns rewards.

 The League for Animal Welfare Reward I.D. # is 80893 – you will need this when you register.

 Have more questions? You may call Kroger Gift Services at 1-800-294-4438.