Adult - Male
Adoptable Large

E.D.O.B. 3/8/13
Weight 90 pounds

Samuel is delightful! This is one laid back boy. A collie/chow chow mix, Samuel came to the League quite a bit overweight – it makes him as cute as can be but for his health he has been on a diet and exercise regimen. Samuel is enjoying a foster family where he receives two walks a day and has been able to lose some weight. His foster family includes a little girl who loves to give Sammy hugs and dress him up. He enjoys the attention and would be fine in a home with kids. Squirrel, rabbits, birds? Samuel just gives a little gruf sound; he doesn’t even bark much. Samuel had a home but his owners were unable to continue taking care of him. He will be so happy to find a new home soon. Until then his foster family is giving him all the attention and love he wants. To meet Samuel contact the League so arrangements can be made.

Puppy adoptions (6 months and younger) are $125. Dog adoptions are $95. All of our dogs have been vet checked, vaccinated, and heartworm tested. Any dog 10 weeks of age or older has been spayed or neutered and this cost is included in the adoption fee. If you adopt a younger puppy, there is an additional $40 despot which is refundable upon proof of the spay/neuter surgery.