Senior - Male

Est. DOB 1/2005

Leonard is an FIV cat and is part of the None Left Behind program. He came to us from a traditional shelter. He is an extremely loving cat. He will come up on the bench and sit beside you. He may be an older cat but he loves to play. He chases the ball around the room and jumps in the air to grab a toy swinging above his head. He was brought to the shelter as a stray and was extremely thin. We discovered he has hyperthyroid but is doing very well on medicine.

Cat adoptions are $50.  All of our cats have been vet-checked, vaccinated, and combo tested. Any cat 10 weeks of age or older has been spayed or neutered and this cost is included in the adoption fee.  If you adopt a younger kitten, there is an additional $40 deposit which is refunded upon proof of spay/neuter.