Collie - Husky - Young - Male
Adoptable Medium Spayed/Neutered

E.D.O.B. Weight 32.2 pounds Huntington came to us from a rescue group in West Virginia. He truly was rescued from a life of being tied outside. The constant rubbing of the collar created sore spots on his neck. Despite his unfortunate beginning, Huntington is a sweet dog who looks forward to interaction with people. Our trainer, Donna, has volunteers working with Huntington so that he can get used to a new way of life one where people are kind and he has the comforts of an indoor home. While he is settling into his new life here at the shelter he is a bit reactive around other dogs and can be mouthy. Because of his low confidence his tendency will be to flee if he becomes alarmed. His adopter will need to manage his environment so that he does not get away. Huntington is still young and will need exercise and activity every day. This sweet dog is deserving of nice people who will guide him and pamper him with everything that goes with being a pet. Puppy adoptions (6 months and younger) are $125. Dog adoptions are $95. All of our dogs have been vet checked, vaccinated, and heartworm tested. Any dog 10 weeks of age or older has been spayed or neutered and this cost is included in the adoption fee. If you adopt a younger puppy, there is an additional $40 despot which is refundable upon proof of the spay/neuter surgery.