Hound - Mixed Breed - Young - Female
Adoptable Medium Spayed/Neutered

E.D.O.B. 3/7/16 Weight 44.4 pounds With her long, lean body and sweet face, it is easy to call Cassie beautiful. She is a mix of hound and collie. She came to the League from a shelter in Kentucky. Cassie still needs to learn basic doggy manners but when she wants to jump at a person she is graceful about it. Cassie is alert and playful. She loves to chase toys and takes treats nicely. Cassie enjoys other dogs but with her greyhound like running style another dog will need to be able to keep up with her. She loves to run. Cassie has so much potential. She will benefit from daily play and training sessions. She will do well in a home where the dog is just another family member. With her confident nature, it wont take long for Cassie to settle into a new home. Puppy adoptions (6 months and younger) are $125. Dog adoptions are $95. All of our dogs have been vet checked, vaccinated, and heartworm tested. Any dog 10 weeks of age or older has been spayed or neutered and this cost is included in the adoption fee. If you adopt a younger puppy, there is an additional $40 despot which is refundable upon proof of the spay/neuter surgery.